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We have a diversified portfolio of products. Our flagship product is “INSITE®” which is used as a full featured content / flow management suite for small businesses. Our next generation “web integrator” product is used as a portal for executive dashboards.


“INSITE®” – is our flagship product used by small businesses. It provides complete management suite for a small business. It has modules to help companies with their vendors, clients, products and services, contracts, integration with quickbooks, reminders and notification services. It is available both as an ASP model or stand alone model. “INSITE®” is completely web based. It is available wherever you have Internet connection. The licensing is based on number of users.View Details


Web Integrator®

The “Web Integrator®” Toolset puts more power into the hands of your SharePoint developers, allowing you to connect to and integrate data from external sources into SharePoint, and also write back data to those external sources. Build your own custom displays – including enterprise mashups – from a variety of sources. With the “Web Integrator”, it is easier, faster, more cost-effective and maintainable to build custom solutions than writing your own code.



e-Vidya® empowers K-12 schools to make learning more engaging and more individualized for students and for teachers. Innovation, client involvement, and best practices lie at the core of our K-12 offerings, developed over more than a decade of serving virtual, private and public schools and districts. e-Vidya’s learning technologies expand educational opportunities for all students, no matter where they live or how they learn, and open the door for flexible and continuous professional development. With Blackboard, all students can realize their learning potential and become lifelong learners.



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