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At MNK, we live and breathe e-learning, and we partner with you from start to finish. We gain an understanding of your business drivers, your technology environment, and your audience. We identify what your learners need to know or do at the end of the day, and we craft solutions that fit your budget and meet your deadline. Then we get to work. If you need innovative and effective online learning, look no further. We are masters of design and development. As our clients — your peers — will attest, we deliver e-learning that exceeds what you envision and gets your learners excited for more.

Mobile Learning
We help you identify the right platforms, and then design, build, and test your solution so it works precisely where and how you need it to work. Want to create new m-learning? Or, perhaps you have materials that you want to convert to m-learning? No problem. We can help you make the right call

Instuctor-led training
Our custom, instructor-led training (ILT) delivers group synergy and real-time facilitator feedback to learners with a personalized touch. Engaging activities, such as competitive games, turn up the dial on participation and retention. Can’t get everyone in the same room? Virtual instructor-led training (vILT) offers a cost-saving alternative to traditional classrooms. With appropriate delivery techniques and activities — as well as video, multimedia, and web cameras — learners benefit from the group dynamic and peer-based learning. Our Solution Architect team can help craft the perfect blended strategy for you, including pre-work and performance support.

Training Facilitation

  • Facilitation
    We have proven experience in facilitating various trainings both in-house and on-site to give a complete learning experience to the participants.
  • Virtual Facilitation
    We provide facilitators with the critical skills and hands-on practice of the techniques and technology to lead productive virtual meetings. The result is better engagement, less dysfunction and more successful outcomes.
  • Leadership Development
    Our leadership Development workshops show you how to take a facilitative approach to leading people and teams. From the essential communication skills to understanding the difference between a manager and a leader – these courses create a foundation for leadership success.
  • Technology “Up-Skilling”
    Our Technology “Up-Skilling” workshops show you how to take a cognitive approach to help people understand the nuances of new technologies. From the essential technical skills to understanding the difference between various versions and their intricacies – these workshops create a foundation for Technical up-liftment.
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