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Our Products

Based on customer feedback we have developed a few products listed below.


The Asobo app is a platform for training and learning through customized quizzes. Trainers and subject-matter expert content creators develop these quizzes and questions. The platform focuses on personalizing learning via gamification, enhancing the learning process through interactive quizzes and high-quality questions.

Stuck on a question or just need some more time? Our quizzes are designed so that you can pick up right where you left off.

Utilize Asobo to enhance your and your team's learning while fostering a healthy community with friendly competition.

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Insite by MNK

INSITE by MNKĀ® is a web-based application that provides insight into company operations. The program has various modules that help companies manage their clients, vendors, and products/services. We like to think of our product as an extended brain for small to medium businesses.

  • Vendor Module
  • Contract Module
  • Customer Relationship Module
  • Dashboard Reports
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