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Talent Acquisition

We provide comprehensive staffing solutions that benefit your company for the long-term.
Companies trust recruitment to us because our recruiting services offer a distinct advantage to sourcing and assessing candidates. Our consultative approach identifies the qualities and talents you need new hires to have. We then customize our tools to identify, attract and secure this very specific pool of talent. Our time-tested “Hire Octane” staffing solutions produce, on average, one hire for every three candidates interviewed.

MNK uses professionally developed, position-specific candidate talent assessments to select interview-worthy candidates who have the experience, knowledge, skills, abilities, and other competencies required to successfully perform any task. Apart from technical screenings, our recruiting staff is trained to ascertain personality traits of the candidate so that they become a natural fit to the client’s company culture.

MNK’s Candidate Assessments are customized to your organization and to each of your unique positions. We also and have an extensive library of assessments for a variety of positions across different functions, industries and geographies. They provide hiring managers with detailed information about each candidate’s knowledge, skills and experiences-information that’s vital for more productive interviews.

We also perform criminal and background checks on candidates when such a requirement exists.

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