MNK Infotech Inc is a true and strategic IT partner providing ongoing technical support and innovative solutions to meet my company’s varying digital needs. From Office 365 integration and improving the efficiency of our digital systems to customizing an entire digital platform to our specifications, they are considerate of my company’s needs while remaining cost conscious and offering unparalleled education and support. The MNK team adds value to my organization with their technical expertise; they are enthusiastic collaborators with a palpable passion for technology and solutions; I am so grateful for their support and highly recommend their services!

We are a small, regional association tasked with the big job of marketing North Texas. To do that, we engaged MNK InfoTech to translate collateral pieces into Japanese. The work was done quickly, efficiently and correctly. The team was so cognizant of our needs that they took the extra step to ensure that the right words went into the right place. That level of consideration saved our team time and ensured that we represent our region in the best light.

Finding a company to help develop new software applications that fits with our culture, ethics and working style is never easy. However, from my first call to MNK Infotech until now, some years later, I have been thrilled with how they listen to our needs first and then develop a solution. They are able to “co-develop” with us or work on their own. Their ability to work with both legacy products and the newest in software development tools has been a real asset, upgrading and maintaining our older software products as well as developing completely new applications. If you need help developing a software application, MNK Infotech has a lot to offer.

MNK Infotech was referred to us by a local community college colleague last year. When we started looking for additional Cisco certified trainers we called on MNK Infotech and found them to be a great resource. We have used two of their excellent local trainers that came with both the expertise and credentials we were needing. Neha Kunte and staff are responsive and always very professional. I would gladly recommend MNK Infotech to anyone needing to expand their high tech training talent pool.

Thank you for your efforts to keep supplying us with resources no matter the size of the project- this is true only of a sincere partner.